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Single Trip

One return trip policy lasting no longer than 94 days.

Annual Multi-Trip

12 month policy that allows you to travel on multiple occasions.

Important: Cover is not provided for travel to a country, specific area or event which the Travel Advice Unit of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against all travel or all but essential travel.

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Winter Sports

This optional extra provides cover for winter sports and equipment. This cover is only available to travellers who are under the age of 66 years at the time of purchasing the policy and is limited to 17 days in total within the period of cover for annual multi-trip policies. Please refer to the policy wording for full details.

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Just me

One person who is 18 years of age or over.


Two adults who have been permanently living together at the same address for more than six months.


Two adults that live together and up to six of their children (including fostered or adopted children and grandchildren) who are aged 17 or under, in full time education or living with the two adults; or

One adult and up to six of their children (including foster children, adopted children and grandchildren) aged 17 and under if in full time education or living with the insured adult.


A group of individuals who may not all be related and are named on one policy schedule under a single trip policy. All members of the group must travel together.

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